Smart City Technologies Map

The Smart City Technologies in Canada Map is an interactive web application that shows smart city technologies across major cities in Canada. Some of the smart city technologies include Ride Sharing, Drones, Traffic and Parking and Environmental Technologies.

Use the tabs at the top of the map to view a particular city. Use the second row of tabs to view particular smart city technologies. For each type of technology, you can read about the privacy implications of the technologies in the column on the left, and read more by clicking on the dots on the map. When you click each data point on the map, a pop-up will appear which provides more information on the smart city technology. Give it a try and see what you find! (Note that data points do not necessarily correspond with the exact location of a technology in a city. Since many technologies apply city-wide, these data points are randomly placed on the map within the applicable city.) For the full report, with footnotes and references, see here.

Currently, we have focused on fifteen Canadian cities. Our team searched the internet for examples of smart city technologies in each city, and inputted them into the map. Our researchers at CIPPIC examined the technologies we found, and have provided information and notes about the privacy implications of each.

You can contribute your own information to the Smart City Technologies in Canada Map using this Survey123 form. If you find or know of a smart city technology you would like to see on the map–perhaps one in your own city, simply fill out and submit the form and it will appear in the Crowd Source tab. Check out the different technologies across Canada, contribute your own information to this growing catalog, and learn something new!

Click here to view Smart City Technologies in Canada on a full screen.